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Meet Dr Benji and the team from Eyes in the Village Optometry
Meet Dr Benji and the team from Eyes in the Village Optometry

Meet Dr. Benji and the Team

Are you searching for a ‘go-to’ clinic for your eye care needs in Osborne Village or surrounding community? Dr Benji and the team have the knowledge & expertise (not to mention approachable personalities) with over 20 years of optometry industry experience. Stop in to say hi & see for yourself!

Meet Dr Benji and the team from Eyes in the Village Optometry
Meet Dr Benji and the team from Eyes in the Village Optometry

Welcome to our Winnipeg Shop

We are pleased to welcome our friends, neighbours and patients to our newly renovated shop which is located right in the heart of Osborne Village. Our Winnipeg eye doctors ensure we are providing the highest standard eye care possible we have installed the most innovative equipment and technologies available.

Our Mission/Vision…
We are devoted to providing our patients a personalized experience that focuses on maximizing their visual comfort, clarity and overall eye health. To achieve this goal, Eyes in the Village promises to always provide our patients with the hottest eye wear fashions and most advanced lens technologies available, while doing so at the lowest possible price. Our driving purpose is to serve our patients, neighbours and community by making the highest quality optical products and services more readily accessible.

We want to be known for…

  • Providing an exceptional and consistent customer experience
  • Providing the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible price
  • Honesty, integrity, and executing what we commit to

Have you been around Osborne Village here in Winnipeg? On any given day, it’s a sight to behold; the shops, the people, the view of the Legislative Building and the Assiniboine River. We think the sights around here are so breathtaking, we established our optometry practice right here in the Village, so that when you walk out with a fresh pair of eyeglasses, you’ll be blown away by the beauty. We’re Eyes in the Village!

Comprehensive Eye Exams

As your Osborne optical one-stop shop, we’re here to provide the highest quality care. We have two optometrists here, ready to help you see things so clearly, people will wonder if you have future sight! Dr. Benji Itzkow set up the place as an independent, locally-focused eye clinic; he’s joined by Dr. Allison Low to help with all your optometry needs. With them are Kristen, a licensed optician and office manager extraordinaire, Laura, whose frame styling skills are beyond compare, Rachel, part-time receptionist/part-time student of peace, and Johanna, receptionist, administrative assistant, and master needle artiste. You can learn more about the team on the About Us page! So what can we do for you?

Progressive Lenses

Well, you might already know you need corrective lenses to improve your vision; if so, when’s the last time you had an eye check up? A lot of folks get their prescription for eye glasses and decide they’re done, simply purchasing glasses from the nearest LensCrafters from there on out. Your vision is worth so much more than a new pair of glasses every year, though; you want personalized care from optometrists who have a vested interest in you and your community. You should be getting an eye exam done at least every two years, so adjustments can be made for your prescription; this is especially true if you wear contact lenses, as the shape of your eye can change over time. That means the lens needs to be adjusted in order to maintain comfort. Contact lens prescriptions and eyeglass prescriptions also differ, so schedule an appointment and we’ll get you the right prescription for your needs.

Specialized Eye Doctors

There are some who have never even seen an eye doctor; you might be one of them! You go online, take a vision test, it tells you your vision is 20/20, and you say “Good enough!” and continue on your merry way. The problem with this philosophy is it only addresses how clear your vision is; it doesn’t address underlying problems that might be developing. Glaucoma has almost no signs notable by the layman, but the best eye doctor can spot it from a mile away (assuming they have their glasses on). Glaucoma causes permanent blindness, so you’re better off getting an eye test done on the regular! Other early warning signs of disease can be spotted by your vision care team; diabetes and some forms of cancer give early warning signs that can be noticed in a walk-in eye exam. That means there’s no reason to hesitate; if you haven’t ever seen an optometrist, walk-in today!

Emergency Eye Care

There are occasions where you might have an eye care emergency; maybe you have an accident, or experience temporary blindness, or a cascade of floaters. You want the best optometrist to see you right away when any of these things happen; your vision is one of the most valuable things that you have, and it needs to be taken care of. Our eye specialists will take you in right away in case of emergency, so don’t hesitate to drop in or call when something happens so we can take care of you. These emergencies can be quite scary, so we always advise you to take proper precautions when playing sports or working with bright lights or equipment.

Vision Care

The last group of people we want to talk to is those who haven’t been getting vision care done because they’re worried about visiting a medical professional. We have good news for you, though it might be surprising; a great eye specialist will make your appointment fun. You’ll get to see things you’ve never seen before, experience whole new worlds of vision, and maybe even get clarity you never thought possible. While other medical exams often come with some degree of discomfort (though you should still get regular physicals and teeth-cleanings), eye exams are painless, and usually leave you with a sense of wonder and awe. Also, not to brag too much, but we’re pretty easy going, fun loving folks, so you’ll have a good time!

Eyes in the Village is compassionate, heartwarming, comprehensive vision care in your community. When you choose us, you choose family.