It’s the most wonderful time of the year – if you’re into creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night, that is! Halloween is upon us, and with it comes candy, parties, and incredible, mind-boggling costumes. The dedication, craftsmanship and creativity people put into their designs is truly astounding, and the tricks to pulling off a look truly are the greatest treat of the season. When you’re going all the way with a costume, sometimes your own eyes don’t quite cut the mustard; you want to be a red-eyed vampire, or a doe-eyed anime character, or something even more out there!

There are two ways you can go about getting custom costume contacts; you can get completely cosmetic lenses, which don’t correct your vision, or corrective custom lenses, which correct your vision according to your prescription. When you have vision problems, it’s strongly recommended that you don’t go blind to complete your costume; get corrective costume lenses. There’s never a night of the year that it’s optimal to have bad vision on, but Halloween is particularly bad; the inability to discern shapes from a distance can definitely add to the spooky vibe, but it can also be dangerous. Halloween activities usually take place at night, and there can be a lot of people milling about, so being able to see is key.

You should know that costume lenses work on the same principles as regular contact lenses; that is to say, you’re putting them over your eye. Needless to say, your eyes are very sensitive, and putting a costume lens you bought online right on top of them can be a spell for serious eye problems. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that you visit your optometrist before using cosmetic contacts. Off-the-shelf contacts may not fit your eyes properly; improperly fitting lenses can lead to eye infections, ulcers and other serious vision problems that could culminate into blindness. It can be tempting to cut costs on a costume, but the deterioration of your vision is not a price you should be willing to pay.

For prescription or cosmetic lenses, you should always speak with your optometrist. Once you’ve obtained a prescription, you should always go through trusted contact retailers; online vendors who don’t care about your eyes might use improperly shaped or disinfected lenses, which can lead to significant health problems. If you’re a regular in the extravagant costume world, and you might need colored contacts every Halloween, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual eye exam in October every year; that way, your prescription will fit perfectly, and any eye problems you have will be detected early!

Remember, if you’ve never used contacts before, you should speak to your optometrist about technique so you understand how to apply them properly. For eye care Winnipeg citizens can trust, get in touch with Eyes in the Village; we’ll be more than happy to find the perfect fit, show you how to apply, and give you props on your amazing costume! Once you’re done, you can enjoy a wonderful Halloween in the Village, or wherever you end up; Happy Halloween!